A Legend in the Making

Isaiah Washington – A Legend in the Making

Watched Clockers today and although Isaiah Washington was not the lead I believed every moment he was in… He is extremely versatile and in my opinion underrated and under appreciated talent take a moment and think about all of the films you have ever seen him in have you ever once felt disbelief in his characters life and choices…? I know I haven’t and in my appreciation of his talent check out poem using his resume…

Been STRAPPED before but it was STRICTLY BUSINESS I live in CROOKLYN so I’m always trying to avoid HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREETS and stay on my feet but DEAD PRESIDENTS keep calling me met a GIRL 6 she became my LOVE JONES she had another man I told her ROMEO MUST DIE his murder was a TRUE CRIME the cops only saw the EXIT WOUNDS called it a HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE the medical examiner called it a murder after he checked out GREY’S ANATOMY endured some rough weather yep a HURRICANE SEASON now I’m an UNDER SHEPHERD driving round the city in my BLUE CAPRICE because I’m NOT 4 SALE been hurt so I’m a GAME TIME DECISION …

Article by Brian Epps

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