Competition don’t kill my vibe… an Ode to the figurative throne of K. Dot a/k/a Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar – GOAT

I LOVE what Mr. Lamar has just done he used his words to raise a ruckus respectfully or disrespectfully in some of his competitions eyes.  True “hip-hop” fans are excited about the possibilities forth coming in the aftermath of the explosiveness of K. Dot.  The brotha stuck took his mic dripping with “murdered” MC’s blood and held it above his head like a mad man locked in a lions den begging to be attacked…  Competition is healthy!!!  I welcome competition, I don’t back down to another actor who thinks he can out act me nor should I.

Furthermore, in acting as well as any other sport we all have our own strengths and weaknesses.  Let’s examine the ongoing debate of who is the best in the NBA… some say Kobe some say Bron and of course neither of the aforementioned men will admit it but hearing the ongoing debates fuels them, they live on people doubting them.  I respect Lebron for getting better every year, I respect Kobe for out living his prime so-called prime.

Every competitive person strongly believes in the words of Nas on his lethal track Ether “… I … Will… Not… Lose…”

Kudos Mr. Lamar for taking the baton and running with it like Usain Bolt… speaking of I know for a fact Mr. Bolt is a thorn in Tyson Gays’ side… anyway if you have heard the track that inspired the debate here it is:

Article by Brian Epps