Father’s Day


On this day, a day our society set aside to recognize Fatherhood I am dedicating this Facebook Status Update to our Father. I honestly wanted to say more but nothing seemed worthy enough paint a picture of our father to those who don’t know him. So in short I’ll say cherish the memories you have of your father and if you don’t have any yet and you still have time I hope and pray somehow someway you can create 1 or 2. I will share one here and hope that you share one here too! To graduate from college it was a requirement for Senior Theatre Majors to perform for one hour on stage alone in what was referred to as a Senior Recital. My dad drove the 3.5 hours to the campus to see my show and became the first person to ever see me perform live in my family. The show is very special to me because it was a 1 hour 1 man show I wrote and directed I called “The Many Faces of X”. So to have my father share with me in those 1st was a blessing and a privilege. If you want to see a movie that deals with a dedicated , loving father you should see this film https://www.facebook.com/whatthingsmaycome here’s the link to the film so that you don’t have to search for it https://vimeo.com/26941195

Article by Brian Epps