Isaiah Washington – A Legend in the Making

A Legend in the Making

Watched Clockers today and although Isaiah Washington was not the lead I believed every moment he was in… He is extremely versatile and in my opinion underrated and under appreciated talent take a moment and think about all of the films you have ever seen him in have you ever once felt disbelief in his […]

Kendrick Lamar – GOAT

Competition don’t kill my vibe… an Ode to the figurative throne of K. Dot a/k/a Kendrick Lamar

I LOVE what Mr. Lamar has just done he used his words to raise a ruckus respectfully or disrespectfully in some of his competitions eyes.  True “hip-hop” fans are excited about the possibilities forth coming in the aftermath of the explosiveness of K. Dot.  The brotha stuck took his mic dripping with “murdered” MC’s blood […]


Spike Lee

Spike is a LEGEND. Not everyone likes him.  Not everyone likes his work.  But the man is a LEGEND period.  I admire him for continuing to continue to see his vision to the very end even when people disagree with him…  I hope to work with him in the near future and also with some […]

Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington. This man is an actor I have a great deal of respect for. Like him. Love him. Hate him. Whatever your feelings may be, one thing is for sure his talent is undeniable! Disagree look back over his career every single time he graces the screen his performance is memorable. But in the […]


I was thinking and that thought became a question, an internal question but nonetheless, a question. How often do I say I am tired of this or that? Specifically as it relates to success or failure with regard to career aspirations. Is tired perhaps the operative word? I am beginning not to thinking so. What […]