I Still Have A Dream

Martin Luther King and Future President Obama

I am completely aware that some of you may read this and say amongst you that the dream was realized; however, I say I still have a dream. A dream that remains deeply rooted in the American Dream. This vision is vested in the same victorious visions of those great men we call forefathers, the very scribes of our Constitution. Our forefathers dreamt aloud in the eminent words of this very statement “we hold these truths to be self evident that all men were created equal”. The aforementioned quotation has been talked and discussed to death and now needs a resurrection.

A resurrection that eliminates corruption of this ideal from money or the lack thereof. I still have a dream today. I have a dream that one day all races will support the President no matter what his race is. I still have a dream that we can look beyond the mountainous hills of our minor differences in politics, religion, sex, sexual orientation, financial status and all other labels we created to separate us and envision a more perfect union. A more perfect union that at its core is imperfect but pursues perfection on a permanent basis. I dream that one day Black and White CEO’s will join with Asian and Latino CEO’s and enjoy the spirit of competition in the realm of charitable donations and not just in profit margins.

I still have a dream that the Professional Sports leagues will grow more diverse in the Professional Ranks. I am fully aware of the NFL’s Rooney Rule and commend them for instituting a policy to create more opportunities for upward mobility for those who might never have them. I still have a dream that financial institutions will consider the rewarding feeling of infusing more minority owned small businesses in urban communities without the same prejudices that restrict them today. I dream that more woman will continue to increase their presence in the male dominated corporate infrastructure.

I still have a dream that those who are capable of working will find work and become less dependent upon governmental assistance when it is not a necessity. I dream that one day all who seek to get over on the government whether that be for their own financial gain or out of sheer laziness will remember their actions affect a multitude whether they see it or not. I dream that one day the biggest druglords in our communities will find other sources of financial gain that build up the community in opposition to tearing it down. I still have a dream that the children of those communities will see more positive role models and aspire to higher heights than short term financial gains and look toward building brighter futures for their own offspring.

I still have a dream that No Child will be Left Behind no matter what socio-economic circles they come from. I have a dream that one day the communities that a public school serve will be more proactive in the daily operation of that school. I dream that little black boys and little black girls will begin to see themselves as “the good child” in diverse classrooms. I have a dream that all the cultures at each individual school might have time to be studied or experienced by the student body and faculty I still have a dream today.


This is merely my shortened humble tribute to the man we all knew as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Feel free to add all comments good, bad, or indifferent. I am man enough to appreciate them all and remember what my own intent was be blessed and keep pressing toward your mark.

~~carving a statue of snow

Article by Brian Epps