The Time is Now

Malcolm X Contemplating


I am here to bring you a message, a reminder—if you will—The Time is Now! This message should consist of what I feel that we should be doing as African Americans as we are now referred to in some circles progressive circles is more like it; however, my hope is that you are not satisfied with the status quo.

I say again I hope and pray that you are not satisfied with the status quo. Why? Why would you not be satisfied with the status quo? I believe that being satisfied living in the current “business as usual” approach that most—yes most—of us take we are doomed to continue this on going cycle. For those of you who are reading this and have at the minimum an elementary education, I hope that you recall a lecture that educated you on the notion that us is an all inclusive word. In this instance and for the remainder of this monologue so-called monologue “us” should be understood as an admittance of guilt. Yes I too can be blamed for being satisfied with the status quo. The Time is Now!

But brothers and sisters how can you and I escape our shortcomings? By helping one another, reminding one another, chastising one another, simply put being my brother, or sister’s keeper. You see I believe that if we are first accountable to the person we see in the mirror we can then be accountable our brothers and sisters. Some of you maybe wondering what am I guilty of? I am living the “American Dream” Living the American Dream are you? How can you live this “American Dream” so-called American Dream and know that your brother or sister is lacking something? NO brothers and sisters I say if you are living like this you’ve been had, bamboozled, led astray, run amuck, if you are living with the notion that as long as your family is living this “dream” so called “dream” that all is well you are sadly mistaken. The Time is Now

Where should I start? There are so many avenues to drive. Think I will begin with what some of you refer to as “Obama Care”. Obama Care? The Presidents desire for all to have access to some assistance with medicine or medical procedure matter and some of you are not willing to share. I have to ask myself would we refer to a medical care bill written by John McCain as “Geezer Care” I don’t think so. How about if Hilary Clinton was our President, would we call it “Chick Care” no I don’t think so. I must also as the question if the tables were turned and the rich were poor and the poor were rich would we not encounter the same resistance. Brothers and sisters I sadly must admit I confidently believe we would. Now please do not take this as me condoning laziness, because, I emphatically do not! However, I do believe strongly that we were placed on God’s green earth to love one another. The Time is Now!

I have seen far too many young brothers walking around with their pants around their behinds. Brothers that is not what they were made for. Men should not be seen walking around like that. If you don’t like the way suspenders make you look or feel please use a belt. Sisters don’t get to happy you have your own issues.

To be continued…

~~carving my statue of snow

This was my Tribute to Brother Malcolm X… I left it unfinished on purpose… At a later date I will finish this blog… anyway enjoy this preview so to speak…

Article by Brian Epps