Year 2 of Who Will Pray For Black Boys

Let us take a moment to remember this blog today….

My mind is heavy once again. What does one say to a parent who buries their child? Much worse a parent who has the immensely heavy burden of burying a child slain in murder. A murder based solely on hatred or disdain for the color of your child’s skin. I am not certain there are words in any language that can honestly speak the truth of that effectively. So then the question I most urgently need answered is two fold who will pray for the Black Boys? Who will protect them?

Initially I toyed with the idea of using the word negro instead of Black in my aforementioned question. However, after repeatedly mouthing the words Black seemed more befitting. Black is stronger than negro, negro in my opinion is dismissive of that strength. However, I was drawn to negro because of the poet in me. The word negro is used several times in Harlem Renaissance Poetry which I enjoy and I wanted to pay homage to, yet negro didn’t carry the weight of this blurb the way I needed it to. I digress, again I ask who will pray for the Black Boys? I want to make it clear that I am not dismissing the effect of the diaspora on our women they are under attack as well and that topic is necessary of discussion as well but today I pray, cry for our princes.

We are told to turn the other cheek and be forgiving without questioning anyone not even God himself. Yet two men have attacked a member of our family and correct me if I am wrong but I do not recall anyone asking them why they didn’t turn the other cheek when they felt wronged. In the years since this nation declared itself to be independent I have yet to see the truths held evident that all men were created equal. I will NOT forget slavery! Every other people group who was wrong by this nation or other nations in power, so called power has been compensated in some form except for Black people.

Allow me to tie up these loose ends by saying that the we should not be shocked that any of our lives are expendable in a nation that has strategically dismissed, diminished, and destroyed our strength since since its inception. I am not shocked in the least at the most recent two verdicts that have left us all upset because they are only a microcosm of a continued legacy of breaking down a royal people. How does one destroy a nation by removing the men who would protect it. So my dear people the only way we can destroy the trojan horse that has infiltrated our unity since Virginia’s ordinance of Mandatory Manumission is by unifying as a people and standing our own ground.

~Just Random Concentrated Thoughts of a Black Man

Article by Brian Epps