Father’s Day

On this day, a day our society set aside to recognize Fatherhood I am dedicating this Facebook Status Update to our Father. I honestly wanted to say more but nothing seemed worthy enough paint a picture of our father to those who don’t know him. So in short I’ll say cherish the memories you have […]

Malcolm X Contemplating

The Time is Now

Greetings, I am here to bring you a message, a reminder—if you will—The Time is Now! This message should consist of what I feel that we should be doing as African Americans as we are now referred to in some circles progressive circles is more like it; however, my hope is that you are not […]


In light of an email I recently read which I received from my agent—which you can find on the representation tab of my website—I was moved to share the message with you. Moreover, it centered on a message I have heard time and time again; in fact, I have attempted to apply the aforementioned theme […]